Exciting News - Money Talks Expands!


Watch our LIVE Money Talks with Terry Sandvold  podcast every Monday at 2:00pm on the Tom Barnard Podcast Network via Tom Barnard's Youtube channel. Click here for more information.

Thanks to Tom Barnard and Don Shelby for adding Money Talks to the Tom Barnard Network line-up.

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Wealth Management & Financial Planning
for an Uncertain Future

As interest and mortgage rates rise and fall, and the stock market fluctuates, the future
can feel very uncertain. Protect yourself and your loved ones financially by taking a proactive
approach to ironclad financial planning - call the wealth management professionals at
Sandvold & Associates. Our financial advisors will use investment and retirement planning to help
you lay a strong foundation on which you can build your future.


Sandvold & Associates proudly serves the financial needs of clients in Minnesota and across the
country by providing the following services:


* Pre- and post-retirement investment and income analysis.
* Customized retirement cash-flow that provides a picture of your overall portfolio.
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* Building an investment portfolio to meet your short-, mid-, and long-range goals.
* Tax efficient investment preparation.
* Providing help to select appropriate investment products to meet your unique
   needs and attain your personal investment goals.
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* Cost benefit analysis of your Health, Life, and Disability Income Insurance,
   and Long-Term Care Insurance.
* Providing company comparisons to help you determine what is most suitable
   for your individual situation.
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Contact us today at 952-544-2837 to set up your
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